[Digikam-users] Missing albums after hard drive change

Mika Aleksandroff mika.aleksandroff at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 19:21:30 GMT 2013


so, my built-in hard drive got reformatted. I had my digikam
collection/database there. After re-installation Digikam 3.3.0 complains:

The collection

 (Folder "/home/username/Pictures" on the volume with the id

is currently no found on your system.

So I searched a bit and found out I would have to change the UUID in the
database to new drive's UUID. So, I did. Didn't help.

I also had a removable collection, which doesn't show up either anymore.

The Pictures-folder is located in /home/username/Pictures on disk with UUID

Now, what should I do? I have read about missing tags and such so I don't
want to do anything "obviously wrong" here. Fortunately most of my photos
are on that removable collection but since that doesn't show up, either, I
am a bit worried.. That disk hasn't changed at all and everything is where
it was.


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