[Digikam-users] Selection of KIPI-Modules is set to default after each update

H. Jürgen Karbach HJKarbach at gmx.de
Sun Oct 27 14:44:45 GMT 2013

After every -even minor - update, the selection of KIPI-modules is set to 
default. E.g. I deselect all export plugins of providers, I don't use. But 
digikam didn't remind this selection after an update. Even when the list 
haven't changed. 

All versions up from 2.x has been affected. 

If this is no bug, it will be a a very urgend wish. It's simply annoying, 
especially if you're updating your system in short periods.

I reported this minor, but annoying issue in report 326740.

Jürgen Karbach

Architektur:	x86_64
OS: 	    		OpenSuse 12.3
Kernel: 	    	Linux 3.11.5-32.ga012288-desktop

KDE-Version:     4.11.2

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