[Digikam-users] Remove Keywords from IPTC

Wolfgang Mader Wolfgang_Mader at brain-frog.de
Sun Oct 20 18:08:51 BST 2013


I have images which have be tagged using Digikam, but this was a couple of 
years back. They carry the tags as a "Keyword" statement in the IPTC. If I 
remove the tag from the image, it is not tagged any longer (does not show up 
in the corresponding filter), but if I reread metadata from files, this tags 
appear again, since they are read from tho IPTC part of the image. I can not 
remove the keyword from IPTC, even if I use the menu Image->Metadata->Edit all 
metadata. Is there a way using digikam to remove this or do I have to use 
external software?

Thank you in advance.

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