[Digikam-users] Question: RAW + JPG versioning, grouping, merging at import

Stefan Tschöpel stefan.tschoepel at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 13:16:52 BST 2013


I am a new user at digikam. I use digikam 3.4 in my heterogenous home
network with windows and Mac clients and a linux server. The pictures saved
on a network share and the info/thumbs saved in a mariadb. Everything is
fine. Thanks for this very nice program.

One camera I use is a Canon 60D and I configure it to create two files for
one shot. A RAW and a JPG file. When I import the pictures I want to save
in a folder. After the import I have two pictures in my album. Is there any
automatic or manual option (automatic preferred :-)) to group this
different files (same picture) together? Or to make the JPG to the first
Version of the RAW file? Or any other option for merging?

I found the manual grouping function, but this consume much time. The
preferred way is versioning I think.

I hope I wrote my problem understandable.

Thanks for your help Greets Stefan
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