[Digikam-users] Update image timestamp

Eru Steiner eru at steineria.ch
Sat Oct 5 16:05:23 BST 2013

Hello Digikam Users

I have an Album with more than 10 thousand images and now I noticed for 
10 images the EXIF data regarding creation time is wrong. So I want to 
shift it by -7 hours.

I didn't find a possibility to do that in digikam (but I'm quite sure 
it's there somewhere...)

So I used exiftool on the commandline: exiftool -alldates-=7 ....jpg

And restarted digikam several times, but I now have a bit an 
inconsistent behaviour:

- On the right hand side "Properties"-View I see:
- - File Properties "Date" is from today (which I think is correct since 
I modified it),
- - but the Photographie Properties "Created" it still shows the old 
date (not shifted by -7 hours)

- On the right hand side "Metadata"-View I see the correct dates (all 3 
shown dates are correctly shifted by -7 hours)!

- Below the thumbnails it also shows the wrong (not -7 hours shifted) date.

How can I tell digikam it should update / refresh the EXIF data of this 
10 images?


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