[Digikam-users] Editor Color menu items not working

Philippe Clérié philippe at gcal.net
Tue Nov 19 00:33:00 GMT 2013


I'm having problems with some items on the Colors sub-menu not working. 
I click on them, they seem to load, but whatever is loaded never seems 
to be ready to be used. The Defaults and OK buttons stay grayed out; the 
Digikam logo has each letter getting successively getting white; the 
mouse pointer is a double circle permanently rotating; the histogram's 
axes are displayed but otherwise remains blank. The Cancel button still 
works though.

This happens with both JPG and NEF files. My camera is a Nikon D7000.

I'm working with:

- Kubuntu 12.04 base
- KDE 4.11.2 from Kubuntu Backports
- digikam: 4:3.3.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04+KDE4.11~ppa1
- Brightness/Hue/Color Balance/Levels Adjust/Color Negative/Black & 
White/White Balance don't work.
- Auto-Correction/Curves adjust/Channels work.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.



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