[Digikam-users] How to Install DK 3.5

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Thu Nov 7 16:35:51 GMT 2013

I have been running DK 2.6 in Debian Gnome for a while now but wanted to 
try out the latest, so I am trying to install DK 3.5 in a virtualbox 
running Debian KDE.  I have downloaded the tarball and unpacked, the 
readme says to run bootstrap.local but when I do I get errors -

./bootstrap.local: 1: ./bootstrap.local: qmake: not found
./bootstrap.local: 39: [: 1: unexpected operator
./bootstrap.local: 52: ./bootstrap.local: cmake: not found

I have tried to install qmake and cmake but apt-get cannot find them, I 
have searched online and there are loads of hits, most of which I don't 

Is there an idiots guide to installing?  Any pointers would be appreciated.


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