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ultimateclem ultimateclem at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 17:31:47 GMT 2013

I built a new desktop PC under linux at the end of summer. I choose :
- fx 8320 + gigabyte motherboard
- 16Gb RAM
- Nvidia GT 630 with 4Gb video RAM
- gentoo with last versions of Gcc, digikam, rawtherapee, hugin, gimp.

Well, i'm very happy with this config. With digikam, i'm not able to use
100% of this cpu. I'm using rawtherapee for raw conversion and rawtherapee
uses 100% of the cpu (high multithreaded). Hugin uses all the cores and the
gpu (cudas). Even when compiling lots of programs, i'm not able to uses
100% of the cores all the time !!! I need a better HD.
I read somewhere on the rawtherapee forum that using GPU demands a lot of
video RAM. That's why i choose a 4Gb Ram video card.
I think only face recognition on digikam uses gpu. But for this, you need
to install the last version of opencl and libkface. I would be very happy
if cimg and some filters like local contrast and sharpening were ported on
gpu ;-)

You need to install latest versions of the main programs and libs to be
able to maximize the power of i7 or fx-8320... That's why i chose gentoo
(not the easiest distro, but the most optimized).

Clément Moignard

2013/11/4 jdd <jdd at dodin.org>

> Il 03/11/2013 20:04, Mick Sulley ha scritto:
>>> I am about to build a new desktop PC.  I think the most demanding
> http://cpuboss.com/
> http://gpuboss.com/
> but I think that for digikam, the hard drive speed may be more important
> the only consuming task is writing metadata to images (also indexing a new
> database, but this is a one time on a while task)
> jdd
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