[Digikam-users] Templates: ITPC subject code

H. Jürgen Karbach HJKarbach at gmx.de
Thu Mar 28 01:38:28 GMT 2013

Hello Jean-Françoir,

thank you for detailed reply.

I have been studied all information, I could get about this issue.
Including the webpage you adviced.
Unfortunately I supposed what you affirmed.
There is no further content (with interrest for amateur photographers).
But as a confirmed optimist I hoped for the opposite.

I also agree, its not usable for amateur photographers like us.

I'm using the tags for categorising my pictures.
But having a controlled (tag)-vokabulary would be great.
A catalog like http://www.coolcolours.ch/coolcolours-en.php?A=Software
with more than 22.000 english and german terms would be a good starting point. 
But how to get it in digiKam?
I guess digiKam knows only tags that are assigned to one of the pictures in 


Am Mittwoch, 27. März 2013, 18:36:13 schrieb Jean-François Rabasse:
> > Subject: [Digikam-users] Templates: ITPC subject code
> Hello Jürgen,
> On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, H. Jürgen Karbach wrote:
> > Trying to use ITPC subject code, I'm wondering about its
> > appearance. Why is there only a search by numbers / code?
> > It's like searching a phone connection by number,
> > having only an idea on the name.
> > 
> >    * At least a code/name-combined dropdown field should
> >    be more helpful
> >    and will increase the usage / acceptance of this
> >    feature.
> Well, it would be a *huge* multi levels drop-down me
> because the IPTC controlled vocabulary is quite large and
> codes are structured by digits fields. The Digikam templates
> dialog shows the human readable translation, e.g. if you
> select code 08000000 you get the Name « human interest » .
> If you select the subcode 08003000, you get same Name plus
> Matter, « people » , and if you select the subsubcode
> 08003002, you get the extra Detail « celebrity » .
> Roughly, it's the same as using structured tags, composite
> code 08003002 means : Human interest/People/Celebrity.
> I agree the GUI isn't that convenient because you need to
> select codes to see the meaning. A help is to have, in
> another window, a full list of codes with their meaning.
> For example, you can open a web browser and display this
> page : http://xml.coverpages.org/NITF30-subject-codes.html
> Scrolling the page will help you selecting a category,
> a subcategory, the final code.
> But, true, that's not great.
> Anyway (and this is my personal opinion only ! ) I think
> this is a bit useless in a software like Digikam. The first
> reason is that the IPTC codes have been designed for Press
> agencies, and the vocabulary relates to press photos
> content, stored in agencies images banks. Not everybody
> holding a camera is a professional press reporter and many
> other people may wish to use different vocabularies.
> Digikam is a software for photo hobbyists, not to manage a
> press images bank, and controlled vocabularies, as the IPTC,
> relate to one professional area, nothing more.
> Professional reporters have the tools to feed their agency
> database with their works, usually the corporate database
> interface with these tags structure.
> >    * Is somewhere an extended set of ITPC subject codes?
> No extended set because IPTC subject codes are a controlled
> vocabulary, i.e. the list is fixed and under management.
> It's not a managed vocabulary where you can add your
> personal extensions.
> >    * How to import in digiKam?
> Hem, I'm not sure of what you mean with « import » ?
> I am not a IPTC user, having my personal managed vocabulary,
> but I think it could be possible (and more comfortable) to
> work with the Digikam structured tags, as I said above :
> Human interest/People/Celebrity and thus get the IPTC
> subjects under a more readable and flexible way.
> Regards,
> Jean-François

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