[Digikam-users] editing with Color Management enabled is very slow?

Elle Stone l.elle.stone at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 18:39:27 GMT 2013

I installed kubuntu 12.10 on my laptop.  colord, colord-kde and
libcolord1 were installed by default. There are no oyranos packages.

In the KDE system settings, under "Color - Manage color corrections of
devices" there was an entry for the laptop display (this didn't happen
on my main computer). Under the entry for the laptop display was a
monitor profile pulled from EDID, so obviously colord can pull the
EDID monitor profile.

I clicked on the EDID display profile and then clicked "Install System
Wide". Is this the correct procedure for installing the system monitor
profile using colord under KDE system settings?

Then I installed Gimp 2.8,  and also krita 2.6.1 and digiKam/showFoto
3.0 from the backports ppa. None of them detect a  system-installed
monitor profile, and only digiKam/showFoto actually listed the
colord-EDID monitor profile (which is located in the home folder in

htop shows that colord is running. But for whatever reason, it looks
like the KDE colord isn't actually installing the monitor profile.

As an aside, changing the monitor profile in digiKam/showFoto doesn't
take effect until you restart the program. The same is true of earlier
versions of Krita, but in Krita 2.6, and also in Gimp, the change is

I haven't checked yet for "slow if color management is enabled".


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