[Digikam-users] Open album in file manager opens Audacious audio player instead?

Den schimmelpilz at freenet.de
Mon Mar 18 17:58:53 GMT 2013

Am 18.03.2013 00:13, schrieb Simon Cropper:
> On 17/03/13 23:36, Den wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> When I try to open an album in my file manager (right click on 
>> album ->
>> open in file manager) it opens the Audacious audio player instead. I'm
>> running Digikam 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 3 desktop 
>> environment,
>> so I would have expected it to open Nautilus (or Dolphin instead). 
>> I did
>> not find a setting where I could fix this behaviour. Does anyone else
>> have the same problem? What does DK open, when Audacious is not 
>> installed?
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Greetings,
>> Den
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> Den,
> Install "systemsettings' from the Ubuntu Software Centre. It allows 
> you to change the default programs that will run in KDE. Look in the 
> "Default Application" settings.
> Alternatively, in terminal...
> type "sudo apt-get install systemsettings" the provide you log-on 
> password;
> then type "systemsettings" and a program will appear allowing you o 
> change system wide KDE settings.

Thanks Simon, that worked perfectly! I already had the KDE system 
settings installed, so the solution was "just a mouse click away".

Cheers, Den

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