[Digikam-users] Digikam 3.00 Rename on Import Problem

Carl McGrath cmcgrath5035 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 16 14:00:34 GMT 2013

I run Digikam (3.0.0) on openSUSE 12.2/KDE4.10.1
I update Digikam whenever it is added to the standard Repo's so my 
Digikam settings migrate over time from version to version.

My standard workflow is to plug my SD card into a USB connected reader, 
Device Notifier pops up, I select Import to Digikam and the Digikam 
Import Window opens.

For more than a year now (and many versions of DK and KDE) I have set 
the Import window to rename files to a date based naming format (custom).
I have the "Rename on Import" radio button selected, but I find with 
recent update to 3.0.0 (and perhaps one of the last 2.95.xx versions) 
that files are imported but the names are not changed.
After import, I have no problem renaming files in the album by 
highlighting the images and selecting Image-Rename, using the same name 
format string.

Any thoughts as to what might be wrong?

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