[Digikam-users] Renaming of pick labels / color labels

H. Jürgen Karbach HJKarbach at gmx.de
Sun Mar 10 10:55:44 GMT 2013


it isn't a every days job for me to set the workflow status of images.
And I don't like to Post-it my monitor, even more I'll finished the DIY monitor 
hood ;) , so it would be handy to customize the pick labels by renaming them 
for better according to individual workflow.
No, no. I'm not color-blind. But I have more than one workflow, as I'm amateur 
photographer with a bunch of interessts and and "customers", who decides 
themselves what's published in the different medias.

Color labels (flags) (in german "Auswahlmarkierung" <=> selection marks) only 
offering "rejected", "not yet decidet", "accepted". For internal decision I use 
the stars. For "customer" decision, and that's what the flag are intended for, 
it would be fine to have 2 flags more.

Jürgen Karbach

Am Samstag, 9. März 2013, 14:01:33 schrieb Marcel Wiesweg:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > is there a chance to customize the names of the pick labels and color
> > labels instead of red, green, white, ...?
> Just curious: You want to change the colors of the color labels? Or rename
> the color label "green" to give it some defined meaning?
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