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HaJo Schatz hajo at hajo.net
Wed Jun 26 11:20:01 BST 2013

Ah, sorry. Now I understand -- you're actually planning to implement a management of tags, not related to tagging of photos. I don't really have a problem with managing my tags, I find that pretty OK -- since I don't change tags frequently... That said, I assume that you plan of syncing tags between pic (sidecar!?!) and DB by applying it to all pics known to Digikam. Not sure whether the community would require that feature, they might want to select certain pics of which a sync should take place exclusively. And then I thought such sync function (write metadata to files/read metadata from files) already existed. I might be wrong though...

Composed on my tablet. Apologies for typos.

On 26 Jun 2013, at 16:38, "Veaceslav Munteanu" <veaceslav.munteanu90 at gmail.com <mailto:veaceslav.munteanu90 at gmail.com> > wrote:


I'm a little confused... please look at Tag Manager window mock-up. It's meant for managing tags (add, delete, edit properties, change hierarchy) and to write/sync changes... A lot of request are on image handling and I have no window here to display photos... 

Any request that need to select/add photos can't be added here... it's more like options for either context menu, or left sidebar.

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Andrew Goodbody <elfringham at gmail.com <mailto:elfringham at gmail.com> > wrote:
On 26/06/13 02:13, Simon Cropper wrote:
Being able to 'filter tags' so you only see those you are working on
would be very useful. Also being able to order tags so you can set up a
logical hierarchy would also be good. This would definitely improve my

Are you aware of the search box in the tags pane on the right? If you have your tags in a hierarchy eg all your friends tags as sub-tags under a tag 'friends' then when you want to tag your friends in a photo, type 'friends' into the search box. The 'friends' tag will be selected and all sub-tags will show as well.


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