[Digikam-users] how to export to piwigo in digikam

Andrew Goodbody elfringham at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 20:04:41 BST 2013

On 23/06/13 07:04, phira wrote:
> hello everyone
> I am new here
> I use digikam for years and i've just discovered Piwigo
> The export tool from digikam to piwigo sounds great but, and sorry to ask
> you a so newbie question, I have this error message when trying to connect
> Impossible de se connecter au serveur Piwigo distant. L'URL Piwigo est
> probablement incorrect
> Voulez-vous vérifier vos paramètres et réessayer ?
> I Put my piwigo admin login and password
> and for the  URL I tried
> http://photos.rasquinet.be/
> and http://www.rasquinet.be/photos/
> Did I make a mistake?

The Piwigo plugin expects to find ws.php in the directory specified in 
the URL. In your case http://www.rasquinet.be/photos/ws.php does not 
seem to exist or at least be accessible. So that is the problem.


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