[Digikam-users] Images.uniquehash calculation

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Tue Jun 18 20:00:44 BST 2013

> For the second data block (the last 100 kB), as there is a seek just
> before, that could make a difference if the file is <100kB:
> - in C++, the file's probably in an error state, so no data will be read, so
> the second data block will not be fed to the hash routine.
> - in Python, the data block /is/ fed, but will probably contain rubbish if
> the file is <100kB...

Interesting observation. Anyway, if this was a bug, we wont change it to keep 
the hash stable.

> Also, if the python script changes anything in the metadata (e.g. by
> recording the correct image size...), the first 100kB will differ.

That is intentional

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