[Digikam-users] Time & Date (Original) seconds value

Den schimmelpilz at freenet.de
Wed Feb 27 17:50:54 GMT 2013

Hey Mick,

when using "Image --> Adjust date & time" you can edit the timestamp 
including the seconds. Make sure the appropriate boxes (e.g. "Exif: 
original") are checked and it should just work. Which way did you do 
your editing, where do you run into this problem?


Am 27.02.2013 10:12, schrieb Mick Sulley:
> Thanks Jean-François,  I think you are right that adding a sequence 
> number is the better solution.  However I still don't understand why 
> seconds are not available for edit.
> Thanks
> Mick
> On 27/02/13 08:05, Jean-François Rabasse wrote:
>> Hi Mick,
>> On Tue, 26 Feb 2013, Mick Sulley wrote:
>>> The EXIF data displayed on the right hand panel shows Date and 
>>> Time (original) as date plus time in hours, minutes and seconds.  
>>> When I try to edit EXIF data I can change the date and the hours 
>>> and minutes, but there does not seem to be any way to change the 
>>> seconds.
>>> Is there a way to edit the seconds?
>>> The reason for this is that I use date and time to rename 
>>> pictures, and I have some that were shot with APS film, then 
>>> processed to CD, and all pictures have 00 as the seconds, so I am 
>>> getting duplicate file names where multiple pictures were taken 
>>> within the same minute, so I want to edit the seconds on these files.
>>> Also there is a tick box and field for Original sub-second, what 
>>> does this mean?  I cannot find it in the manual.
>> Sub-seconds is an Exif tag that has been added to allow a more 
>> accurate
>> time definition that the second.
>> The reason was that standard Exif DateTimeOriginal (tag 0X9003) is 
>> a text field limited to 20 characters including a trailing zero.
>> So you can store 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MN:SS', 19 characters, nothing more.
>> The subseconds adds a decimal part to seconds, SS.nnn
>> But as far as I known, very few software handle that and in most 
>> cases,
>> one needs to process such kinds of renaming 'by hand', with command 
>> line
>> tools.
>> Anyway, renaming based on datetime stamp only may not be always a good
>> strategy. If you edit seconds, you'll solve your immediate problem, 
>> yes,
>> but there are several cases where renaming - even with valid seconds -
>> will produce duplicates. E.g.
>> - images shot with the camera in burst mode. Most cameras can record 3
>> or 4 images per second.
>> - images collected from several cameras and users. (Typical case is 
>> some
>> social event as a wedding. When the bride and bridegroom say Yes, 
>> it last 10 seconds and when you are the one in charge of the photos 
>> albums, you often collect 150 images from all the guests, for that 
>> 10 seconds:-)
>> Why not considering adding a sequence number after your date ?
>> Regards,
>> Jean-François
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