[Digikam-users] How to Rotate Image?

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Mon Feb 25 14:29:07 GMT 2013

Hi, I have several pictures taken with my old camera that should be in 
portrait and they display in landscape.  Looking at picture from my new 
camera I see that pictures taken in landscape have EXIF Orientation set 
to top, left, whereas pictures taken in portrait are set to left, bottom 
and they all display correctly.  I assume that to 'fix' the pictures on 
my old camera I just need to change the Orientation setting.  I can see 
loads of EXIF data that I could edit using Image>Metadata>Edit all 
Metadata, however Orientation is not there.  How do I edit Orientation?

Or is there a better way to do it?


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