[Digikam-users] Which DLNA apps for Android and iPad work well with digiKam?

Michael againsttcpa84 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 17:03:33 GMT 2013

Gilles & Dmitri, thank you very much! With the *HUPnP_API*
 * "MediaConnect" works fine on iOS.
 * "BubbleUPnP" and "AnDLNA" work on Android.

The *miniDLNA* implementation gives me only four empty folders, even on digiKam 
v3.0 final. In addition I noticed that pictures with white-spaces in their 
filenames cannot be streamed...

But so far I am really happy with the possibility to show the streamed pictures 
on the tablet and not having to escavate my laptop :-)

Thanks for the great digiKam project!!

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