[Digikam-users] Which DLNA apps for Android and iPad work well with digiKam?

Michael againsttcpa84 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 01:06:43 GMT 2013

I would like to stream some digiKam pictures on my Android and iPad, but so far
I'm struggling. I use digiKam v3.0 beta3 from the Kubuntu backports PPA on
Ubuntu 12.10.

When I use *miniDLNA*, the three apps on Android (BubbleUPnP, MediaHouse and
iMediaShare) find the "KIPI Plugin -DLNAExport"-Server, which contains four
folders (All Pictures; Camera; Date Taken; Folders), but they are all empty.

With *HUPnP API* I see "DLNA Export Media Server" and the pictures with
BubbleUPnP on Android. However, MediaHouse and iMediaShare cannot display
anything. On the iPad, XBMC sees nothing and DLNAApp sees an empty folder :-(

Can anyone please tell me which app on Android and iPad work well together with

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