[Digikam-users] People Tags - a practical question

Jean-François Rabasse jean-francois.rabasse at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 20 08:02:51 GMT 2013

Hi Mick,

On Tue, 19 Feb 2013, Mick Sulley wrote:

> I am just starting to add people tags and immediately it raises a practical 
> question.  Many of the females have married and so changed their names.  How 
> do you guys deal with this?  My current thought is to tag as Mary 
> Smith(Jones), so Mary Jones is tagged as such until she gets married, then I 
> edit the tag to be Mary Smith(Jones) so she would then have that tag on all 
> pictures, past and future.
> I guess this becomes a bit cumbersome when someone is married multiple times, 
> but luckily I don't have that problem, at least not at the moment:)

As far as I remember, Elizabeth Taylor got married 7 times, and husbands
n° 5 and n° 7 were the same, Richard Burton.

In that case you would get Elizabeth Taylor(Burton 1) and
Elizabeth Taylor(Burton 2) ! Or, as in TV series, Season 1 and Season 2.

I am joking :-)

The suggestion from Peter, using subtags, looks quite fair.

On Wed, 20 Feb 2013, Peter Mc Donough wrote:

> What about subtags, which could cover several divorces as well;-)
> e.g.
> Mary Smith
>  |
>   married Jones
>  |
>   married Copper

Pleasant solution because it reflects the reality from a data model
point of view. A person has one and only one birth name, but can get
married or divorced several times. And this tags model allows each tag
to have several subtags, but each subtag has one and only one parent tag.

Perhaps it could be interesting to swap first name and name, e.g.

The day you add Mary's brother,

Your ancestor tag Person/Smith reflects also the Smith family.


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