[Digikam-users] People Tags - a practical question

Simon Cropper simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com
Tue Feb 19 23:27:50 GMT 2013

On 20/02/13 10:13, Mick Sulley wrote:
> So in my example I would have early pics with her tagged as Mary Jones,
> then married pics with her tagged Mary Jones and Mary Smith?

Yep, and if she divorced Mr. Smith and remarried Mr. Sulley then the 
pics with her at that time would be tagged Mary Jones and Mary Sulley. 
If perchance polyandry is culturally accepted and she is married to Mr. 
Smith and Mr. Sulley at the same time, then all three tags would be set.

> On 19/02/13 22:27, Simon Cropper wrote:
>> On 20/02/13 09:11, Mick Sulley wrote:
>>> I am just starting to add people tags and immediately it raises a
>>> practical question.  Many of the females have married and so changed
>>> their names.  How do you guys deal with this?  My current thought is to
>>> tag as Mary Smith(Jones), so Mary Jones is tagged as such until she gets
>>> married, then I edit the tag to be Mary Smith(Jones) so she would then
>>> have that tag on all pictures, past and future.
>>> I guess this becomes a bit cumbersome when someone is married multiple
>>> times, but luckily I don't have that problem, at least not at the
>>> moment:)
>>> Does anyone have any other suggestions?
>>> Thanks
>>> Mick
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>> Personally I tag people by their maiden names so regardless of how
>> many marriages they have you have a unique tag for that person.
>> Once they get married however, create a new separate tag for their
>> married name. So a woman that is married several times would have a
>> maiden name tag that is consistent over her life and a married name
>> tag for the period they are known by each subsequents husband's
>> surname (if that is the cultural norm).
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