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Sjoerd sjoerd at idef1x.net
Tue Feb 19 15:50:46 GMT 2013

Hello Mick,

What's better is more of what works better for you...

What works fine for me is:
- keeping the pictures on all machines I want to be able to use it with 
- keep the tag information database local to the machine (so keep the 
default sqlite)
- sync the pictures and sqlite databases to a server which functions as 
the hub for the other digikam client machines
   I use the unison synctool for that, cause it seems to work fine for 
syncing in both directions

You can access your pictures as well via an mounted sshfs drive only. 
For the samba access you need to mount it too as a local directory (so 
smb://server/share is not working directly)

Using a MySQL server for the tag and meta data information is fine, but 
you need to have a connection to it at all times. So when traveling or 
so, I doubt that you would have the connection for it. The only 
advantage of a MySQL server is to be able share pictures localy (via a 
samba share or nfs or whatsoever) and have one database, but for me it 
didn't work to well compared to keeping everything local and sync it.

Hope it helps a bit...


On 19-02-2013 14:50, Mick Sulley wrote:
> Hi, just discovered DigiKam and it looks really good.  Before I start
> the mammoth task of tagging etc I want to be sure I am going in the
> right direction, so a few questions -
> I run Debian on laptop, desktop and server with ssh links between
> them.  Currently all of my pictures are on the server, I regularly
> sync other files (but not pictures) with the server.
> When setting up DigiKam is it better to keep copies of the pictures
> on the server and access them there of keep copies on each machine and
> sync them?
> Is it possible to access pictures via an ssh link?  It looks like you
> can access via Samba but I cannot see how to access via ssh.
> If I keep copies on each machine, if I update or create tags will
> they sync across to the other machines?
> I currently store my pictures in a year directory, each picture is
> renamed with the date and time, and I am planning to use tags to then
> access them in a more user friendly way.  Is there a better way to do
> this?
> I currently use MySQL databases for other things and I see there is
> the option to use MySQL here in place of SQLite.  Are there any
> disadvantages to this?
> Any comments or advise would be most welcome.
> Thanks
> Mick
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