[Digikam-users] bad user interface performance at windows 7, 64 bit

Steffen Bode sbod at soundwerft.de
Mon Feb 18 18:24:42 GMT 2013

Hi folks,
actually i use this great (!) program under win 7 @64 bit and i get a poor
user interface performance. 
for example:
+ open the settingsdialog, click and wait 20 or more seconds
+ close the settings dialog, also 20 or more seconds
+ change a photo folder. wait 30 seconds or more
I use digikam to manage 103 Gb of picturedata, round 40000 files in 1155
I dont know if the sqllite db engine also slow down the ui. Can be a
optimized mysql db do a better job? 
Greetings from bremen
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