[Digikam-users] Digikam XMP schema ?

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sun Feb 17 09:46:41 GMT 2013

Le 17/02/2013 10:34, Jean-François Rabasse a écrit :

> Probably the good approach is to reorganize from outside Digikam, with
> some metadata edition tools, then delete all tags in Digikam and
> re-read metadata from all images. This guarantees the DB will reflect
> the images content.

there is an other way, remove the database entirely and build a new one.

but this implies *all* the metadata are written to the image or the an 
xml file

what I would like is the following:

write *all* the digikam image data to xml sidecar files, this being 
the safest way to archive them (can you archive the database?)

remove entirely the database

remove is necessary images that don't have to be online (only archived)

rebuild a new data base from the xml files

by the way, what is faster, sqllite (old database format) or mysql?



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