[Digikam-users] map view seems to use odd EXIF tags

Martin Gerner martin at gerner.co
Tue Dec 31 13:39:35 GMT 2013

Hi all,

I've noticed some odd behaviour with regard to how images are displayed 
in the map views, and I was hoping that somebody here could either 
clarify whether I've misunderstood something, or confirm whether there's 
a problem in Digikam.

I used a piece of software to synchronize .gpx files with .jpg photos, 
with the effect of setting a number of GPS exif tags such as 
GPSLatitude, GPSLongitude, etc (GPSversionID is My 
understanding is that geolocation tags can also be saved to "XMP Exif" 
tags - these tags were empty after synchronization.

When I select these images in Digikam and hit Image -> Geolocation, I 
can see that the latitude, longitude and altitude were read correctly 
from the images, and they show up properly in the map. Great - it looks 
like the synchronization worked.

However, if I close the geolocation window and instead click the "map" 
toolbar button, the photos are not shown in the map. Likewise, if I open 
the 'map search' side tab in the left side of the window, the photos 
don't show up there either, and if I add a geolocation filter to only 
include images with geolocation data, again they don't show up.

It seems odd to me that the functions that read geocoded data in the 
'geolocation' window would read information from different sources to 
the other windows. Also, other tools (e.g. Picasa and the 
synchronization tool I used) seem to handle the location fields fine 
(Picasa shows them as being properly geocoded).

If I change the location of the photos in the geolocation window and 
apply the changes (from within Digikam), I can see that the XMP EXIF 
geolocation fields are updated for the photos; after this, they show up 
fine in the rest of the map views in Digikam.

My suspicion at the moment is that the geolocation window reads location 
data from the 'plain' EXIF fields (and probably the XMP ones too), that 
inconsistently the rest of the map views only read the XMP fields, and 
that the reading of only the XMP fields is incorrect as it doesn't seem 
to match what other similar software does. It's a pain, since it means 
that Digikam doesn't operate well together with other software.

I'm not an expert on this though, so I could be wrong. Does anybody 
know? I'd be happy to send an example image file to directly to anybody 
who would like to reproduce this.


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