[Digikam-users] Can I make re-read of albums a bit faster? (solved, more or less...)

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Fri Dec 27 21:37:55 GMT 2013

So, I closed all other tasks, re-niced the digikam process and gave it 
maximum priority in cpu and disk. This made it much, but MUCH!, faster. 
It finished within few Minutes. I didn't have to wait for the next 
century, hurray :-)

I have 16GB mem and a quite fast processor. It did not use swap. I have 
the feeling that it was the disk access that made it so extremely slow. 
Don't know, but after giving digikam maximum disk access, I heard the 
disk working hard, while usually I don't hear it.

Well, for me the problem is solved for the moment, but maybe it would be 
a good idea to check if this part of the program could be optimized 

With thanks for a great tool to the developers and the best wishes for a 
great new year to all of you,


Am 27.12.2013 21:40, schrieb Peter Mc Donough:
> Am 27.12.2013 20:56, schrieb Peter Mc Donough:
>> Am 27.12.2013 19:44, schrieb Daniel Bauer:
>>> I had to reorganize some albums. ...
>> There are some settings in Digikam 3.5/Linux ...
> I also remember that very much swap-space was necessary for digikam.
> Additionally to my 4GB of main memory, is have 8GB swap-space on my HD.
> If you run Windows it might be a good idea to let your system set
> maximum swap-space.
> cu
> Peter
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