[Digikam-users] Can I make re-read of albums a bit faster?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Fri Dec 27 18:44:25 GMT 2013


I had to reorganize some albums. Because of digikams - pardon! - 
disastrous folder-tree gui *2) I had to do that that outside of digikam 
while digikam was closed.

When I reopened digikam, of course the new tree-organisation was not 
represented. So I selected the sub-folder that now contains the recently 
moved sub-sub-folders *1) and pressed F5 to rebuild the tree.

Now it shows me 80% in the progress bar, it took alt least half an hour 
from 79%.... I guess in 2017 or 2018 it will be finished but I cannot 
wait that long ;-) , so I ask:

Is there's a possibility or a tool that can do this thread a bit faster?

Thanks for hints!


*1) It's a lot of albums and data that I moved (299 Folders with 8231 
files, 125.1 GB), but that amount shouldn't make a problem for a 
database system, doesn't it? I use no tags, nothing alike. Just albums 
with files in them...

*2) when ever I move an sub-album by drag and drop, it closes the 
containing sub-album tree and the remaining tree moves to another 
position leaving me searching the position of the desired album with a 
nervous opening/closing of sub-albums, making it impossible to drop the 
album at the right place...
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