[Digikam-users] Tethered shooting with digikam, and thumbs

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Thu Dec 19 14:05:22 GMT 2013

Hi list,

I read lots of photo articles recently, and came to read about tethered 
shooting. Of cause I immediately thought that would be possible with digikam 

So I connected my canon eos 7d, and started to look. What I found is that in 
the import window, in the "device" menu there is a menu item indicating that 
this is possible.

However, it does not work. What happens is that the mirror appears to be 
opened, but not closed again, and no image is captured. A small dialog 
appears, with "help", "capture" and "cancel" buttons. Help have no information 
about this issue, "capture" appears to close the camera mirror and then open 
it again, while "cancel" seems to do nothing.

Dummy thumbs appears in the window, but they can not be displayed or 

Now, did anyone ever try this, and maybe even experience succes with it?

As part of my exploring, I clicked the device->information menu item, which 
shows information about my camera - maybe from gphoto? This dialog indicates 
that it should be possible to get thumbnails from my in camera photos, and 
that capturing images using gphoto should be possible. This of cause reminds 
me that there are no thumbs in the import dialog, and I really wonder why this 
have not been fixed, an issue for as long as I can remember.

Is the missing thumbs in the import dialog a canon specific problem? Or does 
any canon dslr users actually have thumbnails? And what about users of other 
camera brands?


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