[Digikam-users] Super CCD secondary sensors option missing?

Figaro marquiseduchatelet at charter.net
Wed Dec 18 16:06:48 GMT 2013

Thank you for the helpful reply.
I am confused at the ¨new¨ function description though (below quoted from  
the source code script you kindly referenced) versus the digiKam Manual  
page Fuji Super CCD option function description:
  -----------manual quote-------------
Use Super CCD secondary sensors
For Fuji Super CCD SLR cameras only. Use the secondary sensors, in effect  
underexposing the
image by four stops to reveal detail in the highlights. For all other  
camera types this option is
being ignored.
I will of course monkey around with the settings as you explain and see  
much to learn reading through the comments in the code you suggested.
  Thank you,
> Hi,

This FUJI option has name changed since a while in libkdcraw through
libraw. Look here :



Gilles Caulier    <

  d->dontStretchPixelsCheckBox  = new QCheckBox(i18nc("@option:check", "Do  
not stretch or rotate pixels"), d->demosaicingSettings);
263	    d->dontStretchPixelsCheckBox->setWhatsThis(i18nc("@info:whatsthis",
264	                                "<title>Do not stretch or rotate  
265	                                "<para>For Fuji Super CCD cameras,  
show the image tilted 45 degrees. "
266	                                "For cameras with non-square pixels,  
do not stretch the image to "
267	                                "its correct aspect ratio. In any  
case, this option guarantees that "
268	                                "each output pixel corresponds to one  
RAW pixel.</para>"));
------------------\\end snip\\----------------------
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