[Digikam-users] digiKam 2.5.0: missing photos

Aleck Mueller myuller.aleck at ya.ru
Wed Aug 28 06:12:35 BST 2013

В Ср., 28/08/2013 в 02:05 +0200, Marie-Noëlle Augendre пишет:
> Now there are some maintenance tools included in Digikam interface,
> that might help to fix that issue.
I have only found the possibility to change the database
SQLite -> MySQL in the program setup menu, but if the state of SQLite is
corrupted I do not expect the one of MySQL will be correct. Are the
maintenance tools you mentioned applied to my version of digiKam?
Changing the version within the limits of installed OS is problematic
for me due to the lack of competence.

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