[Digikam-users] Couple questions...

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 19:55:26 BST 2013

2013/8/20 Kimberly <shutterbug at wingsofwhimsy.net>:
> Thanks Peter,
> I realized after I sent that message that the "list" view was the one I was
> using from the beginning, with the thumbnails included in the list. I was
> hoping for a list where I could just view the file names in the folder as in
> any other file folder on the computer, and be able to interact with them
> similarly. Unfortunately, every time I select an image in order to just look
> at the info, it automatically opens a preview mode, which takes me out of
> the list view. I found a configuration setting for "thumbnail click action",
> but there doesn't seem to be an option where you can turn that off, or make
> it a double click instead of a single click action. Is there a way to change
> that?
> Also, is there way to see the tags in list view?

Right click on list view header. You will be able to customize columns...

Gilles Caulier

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