[Digikam-users] Differences of behaviour since last upgrade

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 11:28:13 BST 2013

Apart from the undisplayed title mentioned in my previous thread, there are
others things that I'm not so satisfied with:

1) at launching time, Digikam spends time to search new pictures. I don't
need this as I always import pictures straight into Digikam, and never used
it in the past. But I don't find the way to deactivate this function. It
used to be in the configuration menu, I think, but I cannot find it now.

2) queues of the batch tool manager act somewhat strangely/inconsistently:
 - you can have several queues, but when you close the BTM window, elements
are not removed from the queues. Consequently, any Ctrl-B will add new
elements to a former queue that is not empty, and whose elements have
already been treated.
 - when I want to delete already treated elements from a queue, that's Ok
for the current queue (the one which tab is opened). But when I want to do
the same on other queues, although elements have been treated too, they are
considered to not have been and I get a message saying that elements remain
that have not been treated yet
 - as far as I understand, the execute button work for all the queues at
the same time. There is no option to run only the current queue, no way to
move an element from a queue to another one... in that way, the ability to
manage several queues at the same time is quite limited.
But may be I don't use these queues as they should be, but I didn't any
configuration settings on the matter. Advice on the matter would be



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