[Digikam-users] DK 3.3.0 Editor: Color Effects not functional

Robert Zeller robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org
Thu Aug 8 12:36:22 BST 2013

On 08/08/2013 01:18 PM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> 2013/8/8 Robert Zeller <robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org>:
>> Gilles,
>> thanks for the instructions. I downloaded the source from git as of this
>> morning and compiled it. First test shows that the dysfunction has
>> disappeared. But this version is announced as 3.4.0 . Is it ok to use it
>> already? I mean is it stable enough?
> yes, it's fine. 3.4.0 is just 3.3.0 plus few improvements and
> bugfixes. No problem to use it in production.
Sounds good. Then I will use 3.4.0 for production.
> We have few branched version developed by GSoc 2013 students. master
> branch is stable.
>> You were talking about race conditions: Does that mean that DK runs
>> already on multiple cores in parallel for compute intensive tasks?
> yes it is, but it's not a multi-core problem here. It's a race
> conditions with signal/slots from Qt that we use in image editor tools
> interface.
>> And
>> if so, what about the version that I just downloaded from git: runs it
>> parallel or single tasked? I would be very interested to have a parallel
>> version that runs on the six cores of my CPU, because I am converting
>> Nikon D800 raw files which have 36 Mpix, and this takes some time.
> In BQM, since 3.0.0, we use multi-core to process items in parallele.
> In 3.3.0 i add an option to disable it (look queue settings for
> details), because some people have a bad experience with it (target
> files corrupted). Look this bugzilla entry :
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=318577
> I never reproduce this on my computer (i process a lots of files here
> everyday, including Sony RAW files)
Ok I understand, that means you are starting multiple conversion tasks
on a number of images in parallel, and the single tasks are assigned to
the individual cores of the CPU by the BQM. One  step further would be
to run the conversion of a single image on multiple cores in parallel.
That should in principle be possible, if you divide the area of an image
in a number of subareas and run the conversions in parallel on every
subarea. Is this already possible or are there plans to implement such a
scheme of parallelism?
I am normally not using BQM, because I am working on single images one
by one. Most of my photos don't need any improvement, but if one needs
editing the steps to be taken are quite individual for each image. So I
can't use BQM very effectively. Parallelization on a single photo would
be of great help.
> So i would to know your feedback here.
Sure, I will inform you if I find something.
Thanks for your great responsiveness.


> Thanks in advance
> Gilles Caulier
>> Robert
>> On 08/08/2013 12:23 PM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
>>> The best way to do it is to checkout code from git repository using
>>> master branch (default).
>>> It's not too complicated if you have already complied 3.3.0 yourself.
>>> This want mean that all dependencies are on your computer.
>>> Just follow these instruction here :
>>> http://www.digikam.org/download/GIT
>>> Gilles Caulier
>>> 2013/8/8 Robert Zeller <robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org>:
>>>> Gilles,
>>>> I am a bit  surprised: I also have a relatively fast computer 6-core AMD
>>>> CPU with 3.4 GHz and 8 GB memory. So race conditions should not be too
>>>> much of a problem. However I would like to patch my installation of DK.
>>>> Actually I compiled it myself from the source code at kde download site.
>>>> My problem however is, I am not an expert in cpp and don't know how to
>>>> patch the source code. Could you send me some instructions on how to do it?
>>>> Robert
>>>> On 08/08/2013 10:20 AM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
>>>>> Robert,
>>>>> This must be fixed in KDE git master with this commit :
>>>>> http://commits.kde.org/digikam/aa5548328432b9cb045ff36cac4abffd29bcc3be
>>>>> Gilles Caulier
>>>>> 2013/8/8 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>:
>>>>>> Robert
>>>>>> I made a patch for this dysfunction which is a race condition in image
>>>>>> editor tool init on slow computer (i cannnot reproduce it on my host
>>>>>> computer - too fast)
>>>>>> Do you able to checkout and compile code from KDE git repository to test ?
>>>>>> Best
>>>>>> Gilles Caulier
>>>>>> 2013/8/7 Robert Zeller <robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org>:
>>>>>>> When I use showfoto instead of digikam to edit an image, everything is
>>>>>>> normal: I can click on Filters --> Color Effects --> Vivid; works as
>>>>>>> designed.
>>>>>>> When using digikam: Color Effects doesn't let me choose anything.
>>>>>>> Oh, maybe I found what was wrong: there was a traffic sign ("parking
>>>>>>> prohibited" or something) in the left part of the status bar of the DK
>>>>>>> editor window. When I clicked on it, it disappeared, and now I can
>>>>>>> select the color effects. Very strange that this occurred after upgrade
>>>>>>> to 3.3.0.
>>>>>>> Thanks for the hint!
>>>>>>> Robert
>>>>>>> On 08/07/2013 02:20 PM, Gilles Caulier wrote:
>>>>>>>> Do you use Color Management view for editor ?
>>>>>>>> What's preview settings you use for this tool (look icon buttons from
>>>>>>>> right side of status bar) ?
>>>>>>>> Gilles Caulier
>>>>>>>> 2013/8/7 Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>:.
>>>>>>>>> I don't know what's wrong here, but it's not reproducible on my computer.
>>>>>>>>> It's reproducible with other tools, as B&W, WB, Restoration, etc ?
>>>>>>>>> It's always reproducible, as you close tool and reopen it immediately ?
>>>>>>>>> Gilles Caulier
>>>>>>>>> 2013/8/7 Robert Zeller <robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org>:
>>>>>>>>>> Hi, I just installed DK 3.3.0 on KDE 4.10.5 openSUSE 12.3. When editing
>>>>>>>>>> an image and trying to open Effects --> Color Effects the "Type"
>>>>>>>>>> selection field whitens and it is not possible to select anything (e.g.
>>>>>>>>>> vivid). This misbehavior did not occur in DK 3.2.0 and if I remember
>>>>>>>>>> correctly, it didn't occur in DK 3.3.0-beta3 either on the same system.
>>>>>>>>>> Is this a bug in DK or is something wrong with my settings?
>>>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>>>> Robert
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