[Digikam-users] No pictures shown?

Sjoerd sjoerd at sjomar.eu
Mon Aug 5 21:19:39 BST 2013

Something weird is going on with my Digikam set up (3.2.0).
Only my first added collection is showing pictures while 3 others just 
keeps giving me 0 pictures in it (in settings Album show a count of 
items on).
Opening the album via the filemanager just works fine and can view them 
with gwenview for example.

I noticed this under OpenSuse 12.3 and Kubuntu 13.04 with the KDE 
backports ppa installed.
Anyone a clue where to look? There are no filters active.
When I create a folder via Dolphin or so, it shows up in Digikam right 
away, but no pictures :(


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