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Michael Gerdau mgd at qata.de
Mon Aug 5 08:25:45 BST 2013

[windows user running linux in a VM or on a separate partition]

> My suggestion: Look at the main problem you want to solve with a
> computer. Find the software which promises a solution, then go for the
> OS and the required hardware.

That obviously is a good suggestion...not sure it is helpful though ;)

> Linux on a virtual machine might be a solution. A more powerful one
> should be a partition for Linux. That way you find out whether Linux
> works with all your hardware and whether Linux performs as promised
> 50 GB should be enough if you take care that you can access the Windows
> data partition from Linux.

Using a special partition for linux or running it inside a VM basically
is the same advice and only differs in "implementation details".

I won't go into discussing advantages and disadvantages as that is WOT.
The conclusion would be:
Both are valid and most likely sound solutions and without further
knowledge of the OP's skills and preferences I would not endorse one over
the other.

So I rephrase my original advice:
Install linux in a VM or on a seperate partion and check out...(repeat
what had already been said).

No offence intended,
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