[Digikam-users] where is the user support?

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Sun Aug 4 12:48:40 BST 2013

Am 04.08.2013 09:05, schrieb Neil Haughton:
> Elliot
> Open source is a collaborative effort. As you clearly know how things
> should be done and have all the answers why don't you collaborate, that
> is, offer to take ownership of  these issues and sort it all out? You
> would be doing yourself and the rest of the team a big favour.
> On the other hand, if  you think masturbating over a screen shot will
> make a useful contribution, limit yourself to that. It takes all sorts.
> But please stop this childish ranting. It doesn't progress things at
> all. If DK doesn't suit you, go buy Photoshop, and good luck with your
> efforts to persuade Adobe to change it to meet your requirements.
> Neil
> (from my mobile phone)

I'd have said just the same, you said it first :-)

Well, I wouldn't have been so nice to explain the poster what is open 
source, because open source needs open mind, too, but the next two 
paragraphs could be my words...

Using the occasion to thank once again the digikam developers for an 
application I use everyday since many years for personal and 
professional tasks. It might not be perfect sometimes, but it's still 
the best in this field (knowing many win and mac apps, too, none of hem 
can reach digikams usability).


> On Aug 4, 2013 7:46 AM, "ELLIOT SMITH" <digikam at yudc.com
> <mailto:digikam at yudc.com>> wrote:
>     If I can find some software that does a screen recording, I can
>     upload to
>     youtube a video of what I am talking about.  You've put up a web
>     site, and
>     apparently you think it works.  It doesn't.  I would suggest you
>     (whoever
>     is the lead person or team for the user interface) actually collect data
>     on how well the web site works, or doesn't.  Just because it looks
>     good to
>     you doesn't mean it is useable.  You use it every day, you know where
>     everything is at.  To me, it's a complete jumble and mess.  For one
>     thing,
>     the color scheme is not color-blind friendly.
>     So I'm looking for information on how this broken software can work.
>       I go
>     here:
>     http://www.digikam.org/
>     wtf?
>     About
>     News
>     Developers Blogs
>     Events
>     Screenshots
>     Download
>     digiKam Recipes Book
>     Documentation
>     Wiki
>     FAQ
>     Support
>     That's a lot to take in, especially considering the color scheme
>     makes me
>     want to gouge my own eyes out.
>     Documentation and Support and FAQ and Wiki are really similar
>     concepts, if
>     you ask me.  Maybe these could all be grouped together under a single
>     "support" heading.
>     The wiki. http://userbase.kde.org/Digikam
>     Wtf is this?  "View, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share
>     photographs." it says.  Yeah, I know.  I got that part.  That's why I'm
>     here.  Do you realize that the wiki is nothing but screen shots of the
>     software working.  There's no information on how to get it to work.
>     There's no info on errors.  There's nothing.  It's not a wiki.  It's a
>     collection of screen shots.
>     What am I supposed to do with this?
>     http://userbase.kde.org/File:Digikam_camera.png
>     Set that as my desktop background and masturbate to it?
>     So the wiki is a bust.
>     As I mentioned previously, I did find the forum.. It wants a
>     username and
>     password... No idea how to to get those... no link to sign up.  You
>     don't
>     think that kind of idiocy is going to maybe turn people off just a
>     little
>     bit?  And it shows ZERO posts in the forum.  ZERO.  You have a forum
>     with
>     ZERO posts?  Either that's a bug in the software and it's reporting
>     incorrectly, or you actually maintain a forum with ZERO posts.
>       Because no
>     one can get a user name and password to get into it.  I can only assume
>     the donations are used to fund a healthy drug habit.
>     http://www.digikam.org/docs
>     Documentation
>     "The digiKam documentation comes as a separate package usually called
>     digikam-doc) which you have to install for local use."
>     Well, okay, now we're getting somewhere.  Not.  The documentation that I
>     have in my help menu is pretty lame and buggy at that.  How do I know if
>     the documentation that comes as a separate package is the documentation
>     that I already have?  Logically, if it comes as a separate package,
>     then I
>     shouldn't have it, given that I have not downloaded and installed any
>     separate packages.  But so far nothing about this user interface is
>     logical, so how the hell would I know for sure?
>     But you can read it online as well (some options might differ from your
>     local installation because the online manuals belongs to the development
>     versions):
>          digiKam and image editor plugins
>          Showfoto
>          Kipi-plugins
>          digiKam PDF handbook
>          Showfoto PDF handbook
>          Kipi-plugins PDF handbook
>     Okay... the decision tree you are sending me down at this point is
>     getting
>     to be a bit much.  Wtf is showfoto?  Why do I care about it?  Kipi
>     plugins?  Hello?  Before you throw something at me, give me an
>     introduction.  Give me some context.
>     "digiKam and image editor plugins"   Is this a link to plugins?  Or to
>     documentation for plugins?  Is a keyboard monkey part of the interface
>     design team, whacking on the keyboard with a stick?
>     "A wiki page hosted by KDE project is under contruction."
>     Yeah, I gathered as much.
>     "Every one can contribute to add and fix wiki contents."
>     That should be "everyone" not "every one."  And yes, I'm aware of how a
>     wiki works, thank you.
>     API and Database schema
>     If you plan developing for digiKam you might find these links
>     interesting:
>          digiKam API
>          libkipi API
>          libkexiv2 API
>          libkdcraw API
>          libkgeomap API
>          Database schema
>     Use SQliteBrowser or the sqlite firefox extension to play with SQlite3
>     database files.
>     Online Source Code
>          digiKam source code.
>          kipi-plugins source code.
>          libkipi, libkdcraw, libkexiv2 source code.
>          libkface, libkgeomap source code.
>     No.  I don't want this.  I'm looking for documentation.  That's all I'm
>     looking for.  That's why I clicked to come here.  Why is all this
>     crap on
>     this page?  How many users are going to actually want to read any of
>     this?
>       1% of 1% of 1%?  You couldn't put this info on a different page?
>       With a
>     simple link to it?  I'm looking for documentation, trying to
>     overcome the
>     learning curve of a new software, new jargon, etc, and you're
>     throwing all
>     this stuff at me about how to find the source code for libkipi,
>     libkdcraw,
>     libkexiv2 AND ALSO libkface, libkgeomap.  Because of course, I don't
>     just
>     want the libkipi, libkdcraw, libkexiv2 source code.  I might also
>     need the
>     libkface, libkgeomap source code too.  I'm so glad this loaded on my
>     screen to give me more information to parse in this god-awful migraine
>     inducing color scheme.  Because I didn't already find enough useless
>     superfluous and generally distracting information and links on this web
>     site.
>     I did finally click on the non-obvious "digiKam and image editor
>     plugins"
>     after exhausting all the other dead-ends, and what do you know, it's
>     NOT a
>     link to plugins, it's a link to documentation.
>     So I wind up here:
>     "Any configured digital camera will be listed here. You can use the "Add
>     Camera" menu entry to add a new camera to the list. Please, read the
>     Setup
>     Camera Section for more information. "
>     So I click the "Setup Camera Section" link which directs me here:
>     http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/using-setup.html#cameraselection.anchor
>     The anchor is apparently misplaced, because it lands me in the middle of
>     some text, with no heading to indicate where I am.  I scroll up, and I'm
>     pretty close to being where I need to be.  I scroll up, and yes,
>     there is
>     a screen shot of the function that isn't working for me.  And look,
>     it has
>     an "auto-detect" button.  I don't have that button.  wow.  wtf?
>     You need to enter here the path where you mount the camera, usually
>     "/mnt/camera" or "/mnt/removable".
>     Um?  I'm using Windows 7?
>       To be able to use your digital camera with digiKam, connect the
>     camera to
>     your computer, switch the camera to the image display mode and turn it
>     on.
>     Try and see if digiKam can auto-detect the camera; if not, you can
>     set the
>     camera model and port manually. Once you have the camera setup, go
>     to the
>     "Cameras" menu in the main interface and you will see the camera
>     listed in
>     the menu.
>     Right.  If that would have worked, I wouldn't be here in the first
>     place.
>     When I try to add my camera, it gives an error with "102CANON The folder
>     name is not valid"
>     See, this is how a support interface would work.  I would search or
>     browse
>     for my error message, and I would get information on the error.  I don't
>     see that as really being an option here.  Google says:  No results found
>     for site:docs.kde.org <http://docs.kde.org> "the folder name is not
>     valid".
>     Google further says:  "No results found for site:kde.org
>     <http://kde.org> "the folder name
>     is not valid"."
>     Wow, look at that, I'm the first person who has ever gotten this error
>     message before.
>     If only I could log into that support forum I could do a FRIST PSOT!
>     Well I was hoping to have the software pull my photos off my camera, it
>     might preserve the metadata that way.  man.  It's a sad world we live in
>     when this might possibly be the best the open source community can
>     do.  I
>     need to start looking at commercial software.  Nothing against
>     people with
>     Aspergers I probably am a bit of an aspie myself but god damn I
>     don't want
>     a support interface designed and managed by someone with such extreme
>     microfocus as to be unable to see the forest for the trees.
>     Good luck with y'alls project, I'm signing off this list now.
>     -Elliot
>     Hi,
>     I just wanted to check if there was any reason for the
>     complaint concerning the support documentation; most of it
>     seems up-to date and working.
>     BUT: some links in the index give an error: "The file
>     /development/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/inedex.html could
>     not be found."
>     Well, the "inedex.html" seems quite suspicious to me, guess
>     that too many thumbs have been hammering a keyboard somewhere...
>     So, if the bug is true, Elliot has already (indirectly)
>     contributed to the wonderful open-source world - despite the
>     rant...
>     Best regards,
>     Sveinn í Felli
>     Þann lau  3.ágú 2013 20:56, skrifaði Peter Mc Donough:
>      > Am 03.08.2013 20:58, wrote ELLIOT SMITH:
>      >>
>      >> I am looking for a photo management application, so I
>      >> downloaded digikam
>      >> to give it a try, and I found some features that are
>      >> broken, so I thought
>      >> I would check the support docs and forum to see if I could
>      >> get any help,
>      >> and I found that the support docs
>      >> a) suck,
>      >> b) are buried and hard to find
>      >> c) something about how I can't use them until I download
>      >> and install them,
>      >> but no link to do so... so maybe there are better docs
>      >> that I could get if
>      >> only there were a link to download them?
>      >
>      > Welcome to the world of Digikam.
>      > I have been running Digikam successfully for quite a while.
>      >
>      > If you have a problem with Digikam, this list may be able to
>      > help you.
>      > Have also a look at http://www.digikam.org/
>      >
>      > Within my system I just have to click the help button and
>      > there it is.
>      > Digikam is opens source, free of charge, and very powerful.
>      > Which means, you will have to invest some effort to unlock
>      > that power.
>      >
>      > You should include some information about your system and
>      > specify the problem.
>      >
>      > For example my system runs digikam Version 3.2.0, unter KDE
>      > 4.10.5 "release 1", OS is opensuse 12.3.
>      > It also runs under Windows, which I don't use for photo
>      > management
>      >
>      >> And there is a mailing list.  Very retro.
>      >
>      > Yes, you get the information via email and can read it when
>      > you have spare time. Some like it that way and not being
>      > retro doesn't automatically mean "advanced".
>      >
>      > Have fun
>      > Peter
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