[Digikam-users] Digikam 3.2.0: tags missing after conversion of database 2.5 (Linux)

"Jochen Röhrig (privat)" jochen.roehrig at bluewin.ch
Thu Aug 1 16:00:43 BST 2013


I am running a linux partition with Digikam 3.2.0. Previously I used 
Digikam 2.5. After having started Digikam 3.2.0 I performed the database 
migration from 2.5 into 3.2.0. But what I miss after the migration is 
the tags of 2.5. All I can see in 3.2.0 is images marked with 'My Tags', 
but not the tag names I used in 2.5. Is there a specific setting in the 
migration process to turn on/off the migration of tags?
I also tried to update the new migrated 3.2.0 database with the tags 
from the images (using 'Tools/Maintenance/sync image metadata with 
database'), but this does not improve the first migration. The IPTC part 
of the image´s metadata contains my tags (as 'keywords'), but it seems 
the new database is not fed with the keywords.
Any idea how to get the tags/keywords into the database 3.2.0?

Thank you in advance

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