[Digikam-users] editing with Color Management enabled is very slow?

Elle Stone l.elle.stone at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 16:55:47 BST 2013

On 4/27/13, Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de> wrote:
> V4 profiles require lcms2, doesn't it?
It depends on the application. Unlike the argyllcms utilities (many
perhaps all of which choke on V4 profiles), Cinepaint and Gimp 2.9
both use lcms1 and can read/handle V4 profiles; probably digiKam can
too; they just can't read the utf8 descriptions. I seem to recall from
the icc specs that V4 is supposed to be backwards compatible to some

> Did you successfully compile and test digikam with lcms2? If it works, I
> would  like to make it the default if available, I guess it's better and faster.
My apologies, no. I tried to install Gnome3 on my main computer, the
net result of which was that my main computer's openSUSE install was
rendered unuseable. I'm installing Gentoo in its place and I'll
attempt the digiKam compile when Gentoo is up and running (Gentoo has
a bit of a learning curve).

On my laptop I have several flavors of Linux installed, including
Kubuntu 12.10, which has Kubuntu backports repository
"digiKam/showFoto 3.1.0" installed. "Components" shows that it's using
libLCMS 2040, does that mean it's using lcms2? If so, it seems fine to
me, though I've only actually checked the showFoto part.

If it would be useful I can send you a V4 monitor profile (the colord
laptop "edid" profile) to experiment with.

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