[Digikam-users] Save advanced slideshow?

Den schimmelpilz at freenet.de
Tue Apr 9 19:39:39 BST 2013

Am 09.04.2013 12:03, schrieb jag59:
> Samuel Gilbert wrote
>> Hello Den,
>> Thank you for the information.  I am running DK 3.1.0 on Archlinux, but I
>> can
>> not find the "Extras".  Checked that all the kipi-plugins are indeed
>> active,
>> and yet, I can not find "Extras" or "Export to Video Slide Show".  Where
>> can it
>> be found?  Is it possible that this is a compile time option?
>> Best regards,
>> Samuel
> Hi Samual,
> Here, in DK 3.1.0, it is under 'Tools>Export to Video Slide Show'.
> -----
> Jagdeesh Deshpande.
> Registered Linux user #492893

Oh, my mistake - "Extras" it is called in the German translation 
(which literally would be translated as "extras" in English, "Tools" 
would be translated as "Werkzeuge"). The menu entry "Export to Video 
Slide Show" isn't translated to German, so at least this should be the 
same in the english version of DK ;-)

@Digikam Developers: can anyone give me a hint how to contribute to 
the DK and Kipi translation? Tried to understand the KDE Localization 
page, but failed at a first glance...

Best regards,

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