[Digikam-users] Rename on Import

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Tue Apr 9 13:23:40 BST 2013

OK found it, but now it raises another question.  I have got it to work 
to rename the file with a timedate based name, but the name it creates 
is one hour different to what I expected, why is that?  EXIF Image 
Information says date and time 2013:04:08 20:07:16, Photograph 
Information Date and Time (original) and (digitized) say the same, but 
the filename has changed to PIC2013_0408_210718.JPG

My format string is PIC[date:yyyy_MMdd_hhmmss]

So date is OK, but the hour is one out and the seconds are two out.  The 
seconds don't bother me much but I would like to get the hour right.  
Any ideas?


On 08/04/13 16:52, Hans Muecke wrote:
> Am 07.04.2013 16:43, schrieb Mick Sulley:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to auto rename pictures during import.  Searching seems to
>> suggest that this can be done but I can't see any options to set it up.
> You can set it up when you open the import window ... I don't have
> access to digikam right now, but look at the upper right side of that
> window ...

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