[Digikam-users] writing tags to the files

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Wed Sep 19 08:21:45 BST 2012

Hi Johan,

did you enable
   "[x] Save image tags as 'Keywords' tags in metadata
embedded in file"

To be found under:

  "Settings" -> "Configure digikam..." -> "Metadata" ->

This should write your tags to the IPTC and XMP Metadata in
the jpg file. (As far as I know, digiKam tags are not
written to the EXIF Metadata. But I may be wrong.)

I do check this by examining the jpg files with a hex editor
like Okteta or a hex viewer like xxd (commandline tool):

 # xxd mypicture.jpg | less

You should find your tags in the right column.
E.g. after "<digiKam:TagsList>...".

The part of viewing the tags in dolphin belongs to the topic
"semantic desktop" of KDE. "Nepomuk" is another term related
with this.

Official site: http://nepomuk.kde.org/

If you are able to read German language (or willing to
accept google translation ;), have a look at this blogpost:

It is about nepomuk, digikam and KDE. (Back in 2010)

Personally, I have disabled Nepomuk by the time it was
introduced, a few years ago. But I should give it another
try now!


On 19.09.2012 02:55, Johan van Noooten wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm using digiKam 2.6.0 on openSuse 12.2. I'm trying to write my digiKam
> "tags" as tags in the files themselves so that I can access them across my
> computers and operating systems. I think I'm supposed to be able to do this
> by using the "Album" menu and choosing "write metadata to images" or under
> "Image", select "write metadata to selected images". It also seems to be
> possible from the "captions/tags" tab on the right side, where there is a
> "more" button at the bottom that you can press and select it. I'm hoping
> then that I will be able to right click on a picture in, for example,
> dolphin (or windows explorer when they're viewed in Windows), access its
> properties and see the tags listed under "information" This does not seem
> to work. I don't seem to be writing them to the exif (I hope I have the
> name right) data on the .jpg.  It seems to be trying to write the
> information sometimes (I get the progress bar moving, but only with the
> captions/tags route), but no information is written. The tag does not
> appear under "information" in file properties in Dolphin. Thanks in advance.
> Johan

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