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Dr. Manuel Bock mbs at mbsnet.de
Mon Sep 10 16:33:53 BST 2012

Gilles, Ben,

thanks for the quick answers! Let me summarize, what I understood, to make sure I got everything:

1. There seems to be no way currently to move additional meta data from one DB into another with methods provided out of digikam.

2. The (external) srcipt Ben proposes, needs a unique key to identify the pictures for synchronization between the two instances of digikam. He mentioned either a unique filename or a hash (not sure, probably stored within the DB and not visible to he normal user?)

3. Gilles mentioned a new DLNA export, that solves parts of my problem, showing (parts of) the collection on a TV or the iPad. What is a very promising outlook.

Unfortunately I am not able to write the script, Ben proposes, and the DNLA streaming does not help me to import the parts of the collection, I am working with, when on the road, coming back home. Remember, because of the screen size of the laptop, I would appreciate still being able to do some image fine tuning (plus geo tagging and so on) on a desktop.

Just an end user's thought: Would it be possible to expand the "Export/Import to/form another computer" function by a checkbox "include meta data", that writes/reads an "album side cart" for digikam-to-digikam transfer?


Am 10.09.2012 um 17:07 schrieb Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>:

> 2012/9/10 Ben Staude <sben1783 at yahoo.de>:
>> Am Montag 10 September 2012 schrieb Gilles Caulier:
>>> 2012/9/10 Ben Staude <sben1783 at yahoo.de>:
>>>> Am Freitag 07 September 2012 schrieb Manuel Bock:
>>>> [...]
>>>>> Is there a new way or best practice to "export/import to/from another
>>>>> digikam instance" that I missed or what other way is the best practice
>>>>> to transfer as much information as possible between two different
>>>>> digikam databases?
>>>> Generally speaking, I think this sort of issues will become more and more
>>>> important for digikam, as images move to NAS devices, people use tablets
>>>> and so on... The setup "one PC, one OS, one HDD" is not the typical one
>>>> for the future. We should plan for an (Android|iOS)-app for use with the
>>>> digikam database...!
>>> With 3.0.0, a new DLNA export tool have been created. Run digiKam from
>>> your host computer export desired album through DLNA, and that all.
>>> image are now visible on your tablet (install right DLNA support
>>> application from store of course), or on your connected TV.
>> That's very good to hear! But that creates the need for digikam running on my
>> NAS!? The images are there, the database is (i.e., will be) there, so it's no
>> fun to turn on the PC just to have digikam load the images from the NAS and
>> send it to the tablet.
> Well, it's simple. on your NAS, if it run under Linux, install
> miniDLNA. that all.
> On mine, an Excito B" NAS server, it's done automatically :
> http://www.excito.com/node/9
>> The NAS is right there to do such things:) Another
>> issue: can you do things like filter via tags (only stored in digikam's
>> database) via DLNA?
> On digiKam DLNA tool, it's yet done, but planed.
>> Very interesting subject, also slightly off topic in this thread...
>> Can you give some details about how the uniqueHash is created?
> uniqueHash of what ?
> Gilles Caulier
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