[Digikam-users] How to remove "left behind" tag tree

Remco Viëtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Thu Oct 25 20:10:04 BST 2012

On Thursday 25 October 2012 17:23:31 Jean-François Rabasse wrote:
> I agree. And more, aside from « extensive re-organisation » of tags, even
> the simple task of documenting new images leads to multiple metadata 
> updates. E.g. on a single image :
>   - geolocating then clicking Apply --> write to image or sidecar
>   - setting a title or caption, then Apply --> write
>   - rating, --> write
Well, if the geolocation tab could be fused with the Caption/Tags tab, 
you'd only need one Apply command: at the moment, you can set title, 
caption, tags and ratings in one go, then click Apply only once to apply 
all those changes (currently, Geolocation is separate though).

Personally, I try and get the metadata complete for the RAW files, and then 
they are carried over to teh processed images (unless I use batch tools, 
but that's a different subject).

I'll have to think a bit about your proposed work-around, esp. in relation 
to OP's problem: keeping external tags in place, while removing outdated 
Digikam tags. My gut feeling is that that's going to cause difficulties.

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