[Digikam-users] tooltip tag order, image tag display

Elle Stone l.elle.stone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 17:16:34 BST 2012

What determines the order in which tags appear in the tooltips?
It's not alphabetical, nor is it by the date the tag was created.

On the actual tag tree used for filtering and adding/removing tags,
the order is alphabetical. But the tooltip tag order seems random.

Also, for the tooltip, what determines which tags show the entire tag
tree/hierarchy and which tags only show the last tag in the hierarchy?
For example, for one image with 6 tags, four of the tags show the
entire tag tree/hierachy. Two of the tags only show the last tag in
the tree/hierarchy.

Same questions for the tags that are shown below the images.
Unfortunately, the tags I consider the most important are not showing
first, and most images don't have room to show at all in the tags that
appear below the image. Which means the information displayed beneath
the images is more of an annoyance than an actual help.

It would be nice if all tooltip tags and all the tags printed below
the images could be printed with or without the entire tag
tree/hierarchy, as specified in a user setting. Is there such a
setting that I've overlooked?

It would be really nice if the tooltip/below image tag order could be
specified by the user. A workaround would be if there were some way to
manipulate the order, say, by prepending a number. But the order of
appearance isn't alphabetical. So that won't work.

Kind regards,
Elle Stone
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