[Digikam-users] Scrolling within a set

Jean-François Rabasse jean-francois.rabasse at wanadoo.fr
Sat May 5 12:52:11 UTC 2012

On Fri, 4 May 2012, Andrew Goodbody wrote:

> I did some tests on different machines and configurations to see if I could 
> find a machine to reproduce it on and then try a different desktop.
> ...
> 5) Same laptop and OS and DK as 4) but with the Nvidia graphics enabled.
> Reproduced the bug.
> ...
> So the common things are Debian testing and non-Intel graphics. I'll see if I 
> can try KDE on 5) next week if I can find the time.
> Andrew


Just an info that might help, or not...

I have a NVIDIA video board and I had that problem of garbled display, but
not only with Digikam, other graphic applications produced similar dirty
behaviours (e.g. Dolphin, Firefox).

I replaced the « Nouveau » video driver that comes with Linux distros to
support NVIDIA hardware by the proprietary NVIDIA driver for Linux/Xorg,
downloaded from NVIDIA web site.

All graphic displays are perfect now, Digikam and others.

I didn't investigate much, but from I could see, I suspect an incorrect
implementation of X11 backingstore/saveunder functionnalities, in the
Nouveau driver.

Don't know if this could help but I'll suggest to users having that display
problem with a NVIDIA board to install the proprietary driver. It takes one
minute, and the NVIDIA installer backups the Xorg configuration file, so
it's possible to switch back to previous configuration if the result isn't


PS: I run OpenSUSE & KDE, but in my case the problem really looked like
a X11/Xorg problem, not an O.S. or Deskop related problem.

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