[Digikam-users] Sharing database between Windows and Linux

Michael Klitgaard michael at klitgaard.dk
Tue Jan 3 19:44:44 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

First of, thanks for digikam! It seems like it is the product I have
been searching for!
I really really like the ability to use a standard database server
such as mysql and sqlite. I have looked at Picasa, and it seems great
and all, but just didn't like all of the .ini files and some strange
database, which I could not alter in (or at least don't know how to),
and also the multi-user ability of digikam is just what I need to
share the work tagging everything with my spouse. And it is mostly
because of her Im writing now, I really like Linux, and she really
doesn't. So I need to be able to get it working on Windows and Linux.
It seems I'm half ways there, put now I'm having trouble.

It have seen this has been discussed here before, and it was suggested
the poster look into:

So I read it, and tried to figure out what to do. I have a mysql
server running on the linux machine, which host the pictures also over
I have set the AlbumRoots in the digikam database to two different
mount points for the different OS'es, and this seems to work great.
Heres the entry:

mysql> select * from AlbumRoots;
| id | label    | status | type | identifier
                                | specificPath |
|  1 | pictures |      0 |    3 |
networkshareid:?mountpath=P%3A&&mountpath=%2Fdata%2Fdisc1%2Fpictures |
/pictures    |

 So I can tag a photo on the Windows machine and almost instantly see
it on the Linux machine. But when I delete (permanently delete) an
image from the windows machine, it stops to show the whole album. I
have looked at the file server, and it does actually delete the image
and not any of the rest in the album (phew). So perhaps it just stops
to draw the thumbnails?
Well I opened the the digikam_thumbnails db, I found that the table
FilePaths, looks like this

mysql> select * from FilePaths limit 875,15; (worst part I could find)
| path                                       | thumbId |
| P:/2005/05/15/213846.JPG                   |    1115 |
| P:/2005/05/15/213927.JPG                   |    1116 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/214906.JPG |    1117 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/214915.JPG |    1119 |
| P:/2005/05/15/214011.JPG                   |    1120 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/214952.JPG |    1121 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/215002.JPG |    1122 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/220525.JPG |    1123 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/220534.JPG |    1124 |
| P:/2005/05/15/214015.JPG                   |    1125 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/222257.JPG |    1126 |
| P:/2005/05/15/214019.JPG                   |    1127 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14/222308.JPG |    1128 |
| P:/2005/05/15/214023.JPG                   |    1129 |
| /data/disc1/pictures/2005/05/15/214023.JPG |    8095 |

So if it possible to make a mount point in the thumbnails database, or
is this perhaps not my problem at all?

Oh yeah, of course I should post some versions:
Linux machine:
Digikam 2.1.1 from Kubuntu 11.10 repository.

Digikam 2.3 from

It could perhaps also be the samba server?
Here is my smb.conf

workgroup = workgroup
security = share
wins support = yes
oplocks = yes
level2 oplocks = yes
kernel oplocks = no
map archive = yes
map system = yes
map hidden = yes

 path = /data
 writeable = yes
 guest ok = yes
 create mask = 0777
 directory mask = 0777
 browsable = yes

A snippet of a "ls -l" on the directory /data/disc1/pictures/2006/01/14
-rwxrwxrwx 1 michael michael  907937 2011-12-29 01:44 215002.JPG
-rwxrwxrwx 1 michael michael 2243284 2011-12-29 00:20 220525.JPG
-rwxrwxrwx 1 michael michael 2253480 2011-12-29 00:20 220534.JPG
-rwxrwxrwx 1 michael michael 2097490 2011-12-29 00:20 222257.JPG

I have chmod'ed dirs and files 777, I know that I should not do this,
but so far, I have just not been smart enough to figure out group
policies etc.

I'm really keen on getting digikam to work and will do everything
possible to get it working. So please, any suggestions will do :)


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