[Digikam-users] What does DK's import from card do?

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:57:31 UTC 2012

I'm not sure if it can do it exactly, as I don't rename when importing. But
if it is not the case, you still have the possibility to use the batch
tools to rename anytime after importing; there are many functions available
to do that.

As for myself, I don't feel the need to rename the original pictures as
Digikam has plenty of searching/filtering criteria to find what I'm looking
for, whatever their name is, and wherever they are stored.


2012/4/9 John Stumbles <john at stumbles.org.uk>

> (Apologies if this is an RTFM/STFW question but I couldn't find the
> answer!)
> With DigiKam installed on a Linux KDE system when I plug in a camera's
> memory card KDE offers me options to open a file manager or import pictures
> with DK. I've always imported pictures using my own script (
> http://yaph.org.uk/photo/) which renames each image file, transposing
> UPPER CASE to lower and prefixing the camera-generated filename with a
> date-and-timestamp derived from the image creation time in YYYYMMDD_hhmmss
> format and puts them in a directory with today's date e.g.
>  ~/pix/2012/20120409. It also auto-rotates images according to their exif
> orientation tag.
> Can DK do anything like this? Especially naming the files in the format
> I'm currently using: I would not want to try to rename my existing
> collection of images to match a different scheme just to suit DK.
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