[Digikam-users] Digikam: Batch Recompress Images

John Bestevaar Josephus at people.net.au
Fri Sep 30 07:31:28 BST 2011

Hi All
I have uncovered a need for my web project that Digikam cannot do. =-O

*Batch re-compress images to a specified file-size* *in bytes*. 8-)

Would this capability in Digikam be useful to others? :-D
Example case: A collection of hundreds of jpg images , filesizes vary 
from about 200 Kb to 12Mb. Image sizes vary between
about 800x600 pixels and 5000x4000 pixels. Resolutions vary from 72 
pixels/inch to 300 pixels/inch.

After Batch processing in Digikam all my images are 800x600 pixels and 
72 pixels/inch but the filesizes still vary between about 35Kb and 
400Kb. I want to make the file-sizes of*all* about 75Kb. :-!

Means i will have to increase my Digikam donation. :-P

Regards JohnB
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