[Digikam-users] MySQL upgrade failed

Sven Flossmann sven.flossmann at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 27 19:41:16 BST 2011


I had the same problems as well. Today evening I took the time to perform
the upgrade manually. For those who have the problems not solved, yet, here
is what I did:

- Use an Editor and a Mysql Client of your choice (e.g. Kate and MySQL Query
- Execute the following in the Query Browser:
                    DELIMITER //;
                    CREATE PROCEDURE
create_index_if_not_exists(table_name_vc varchar(50), index_name_vc
varchar(50), field_list_vc varchar(1024))
                    SQL SECURITY INVOKER

                    set @Index_cnt = (
                        SELECT COUNT(1) cnt
                        WHERE CONVERT(DATABASE() USING latin1) =
                        AND CONVERT(table_name USING latin1) =
CONVERT(table_name_vc USING latin1)
                        AND CONVERT(index_name USING latin1) =
CONVERT(index_name_vc USING latin1)

                    IF IFNULL(@Index_cnt, 0) = 0 THEN
                        set @index_sql = CONCAT(
                            CONVERT( 'ALTER TABLE ' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( table_name_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( ' ADD INDEX ' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( index_name_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( '(' USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( field_list_vc USING latin1),
                            CONVERT( ');' USING latin1)
                        PREPARE stmt FROM @index_sql;
                        EXECUTE stmt;
                        DEALLOCATE PREPARE stmt;
                    END IF;
                    END //

- Open core/data/database/dbconfig.xml.cmake in an editor
- Scroll to line 1462: "<!-- Migration from DB Version 5 (0.10 - 1.4) to
Version 6 (1.5-) -->"
- For each <statement> tag within the <dbaction> tag: Copy the SQL statement
to e.g. Mysql Query Browser and execute the statement.
- If you get an error (usually happens if triggers are created), enclose the
SQL statement in between:
And remove tha last ";" from the <SQL-Statement>.

- Afterwards one has to ensure that the Settings table is correct. Execute
the following:
UPDATE Settings SET value=2 WHERE keyword = 'DBThumbnailsVersion';
UPDATE Settings SET value=6 WHERE keyword = 'DBVersion';

- Tell digikam to use  MySQL again, and enjoy.

No warranty whether this is correct and works for everyone.

Please backup your database before making any changes.

Good luck.


2011/8/3 Ignatius Reilly <ignatius.reilly at free.fr>

> Hi,
> I just upgraded a DK 1.9 installation with MySQL on Natty
> Got the following error at DK startup:
> <
> Failed to update the database schema from version 5 to version 6. Please
> read the error messages printed on the console and report this error as
> a bug at bugs.kde.org.
> >
> Any idea where I can find the MySQL schema upgrade script?
> Thx
> Ignatius
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